My Proext is a virtual publisher. An initiative aiming to encourage people to become a part, in an alternative way, of a global network committed to building a better world.

In order to be part of our team, you can collaborate in different ways:


Support our partners with donations or being a volunteer!

digital magazinesNONPROFITS

Publish your volunteering project with us! 

cause marketingCOMPANIES

Cooperative efforts of your company and a non-profit institution for a mutual benefit!

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MY PROEXT FUND (coming soon)

We are building a Fund where our Users could support our Volunteering Partners. It is our hope to significantly collaborate for a better world, that’s why your help is crucial for our success.

banner fund

We will work as a Fundraising on a Crowdfunding format. The fund will be used in different ways, such as:

  • support our Volunteering Partners own projects;
  • support My Proext own projects like sending some of our Users to work as a volunteer around the world;
  • give scholarships to some of our Users;
  • create wishlists where our Users could help our Volunteering Partners with some products they need.