What is MY PROEXT?

My Proext is a virtual publisher. An initiative aiming to encourage people to become a part, in an alternative way, of a global network committed to building a better world.
Our goal is to share with as many people as we can information about volunteering opportunities.

How could I be part of this team?

You can join us in different ways:

  • User: supporting our partners with donations or beeing a volunteer;
  • Digital Magazines: publishing your volunteering project with us;
  • Cause Marketing: cooperative efforts of your company and a non-profit institution for mutual benefit.

What is My Proext - MAGAZINES?

My Proext - Magazines is an initiative to share useful and relevant information regarding volunteering opportunities around the world.
Considering the difficulty of finding relevant information or even to obtain knowledge of existing opportunities, we create digital magazines that facilitate access to such information.
Here you will find information that enables the user to act as a volunteer, tips about the country and the city where each institution is located, testimonials and much more information to assist you to make the best choice.
As a volunteer, you can bring great benefits to society and a good life experience for yourself.

How to participate? (My Proext - MAGAZINES)

If you are involved in any social project and would like to publish your institution, simply send an e-mail to myprojects@myproext.com 
If you are interested in doing volunteer work or would like to indicate any institute that we still haven´t advertised, please send an e-mail to contact@myproext.com.
We will be pleased to be in contact with you.


My Proext - Clipping is a place where you can find all the news about volunteering around the world. We cut out news from different newspapers, website, blogs, etc.

Does a user have to pay for My Proext services?

You have free access to My Proext services.

How do I register my profile on My Proext?

First of all, go to the My Proext website (www.myproext.com) and click on “login” on the top of the page.
Then you click on “Register”. A new window will open for you insert your data such as first name, last name, e-mail, password, date of birth and genre, then accept the terms of service and you are all set. You can also register with Facebook. 

end faq